THE WAY HOME - A Sadhu's journey

‘THE WAY HOME – A SADHU’S JOURNEY’ is the new documentary project of Mauro De Bettio.

“During my long journeys in India one of the entities that most caught my attention are the Sadhus, the holy men”.

Sadhus (meaning ‘good men’) are devoutly religious Hindus living all over India. Most of them wear orange clothes representing the color of the fire in which they have burned all their possessions to be symbolically reborn into a new life. An order that dates back more than 5 thousand years. The purpose of this long-term project, then was to portray these incredible individuals.

“My main goal, however, was to understand, to see what knowledge and experience helped sadhus live such an isolated life. And to do this I had to live as closely as I could to their lifestyle. That was the only way to get the intimate portrait I was looking for. I felt and I knew that each one of those faces had a story to tell

And to be able to tell that story I needed to live close to them.”