We’re delighted to reveal the names of the 25 talented photographers whowon “AAP Magazine #11: Travels


Out of thousands of entries,these remarkable photographers come from around the world with 17 differentcountries being represented.

Their work allows us to escape for a few moments in these difficult times toother beautiful places around the world, allowing us to dream of a betterfuture.

From Ethiopa’s church in the sky, to the misty mornings of China or the streetsof Nizhneangarsk in Russia, we virtually travel to the four corners of the earth.Kyrgyzstan, Norway, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, China, Saigon,Mauritania, Russia, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Mali, Benin, Vietnam,Peru, Australia, Chad and the United States are amongst the countries you willbe able to discover in the 11th edition of AAP Magazine.

The Winner of AAP Magazine 11 Travels is

Mauro De Bettio(Spain) with his image “Closer to Heaven”